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  • I'm looking at the numbers from a client site and they don't make sense to me. At a given time stamp today, I see the following user connection counts:
    4GL: 412
    batch: 30
    remote: 383
    self-service: 0

    I know this client has self-service users. I believe that most if not all of those 30 batch users are also self-service. Looking at historical data, most of the time this database shows zero self-service users, with occasional spikes of 1.

    What criteria are used to determine that a client is self-service?

  • administrators

    if ( not _Connect-device matches "*batch*" ) and _connect-batch <> "yes" then tt_Dashboard.con_self = tt_Dashboard.con_self + 1.

    So "self" is counted for non-batch self-service connections. It (mostly) equates to local interactive connections.

    Somehow I suspect that you are going to suggest that that might be sub-optimal 😉


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