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  • Simplified Downloads for Windows and Linux

    With the latest version of ProTop, there is now only one download for Windows and one for Linux. R-code libraries are included for all the supported versions.

    You can run $PROTOP/bin/pt3upd to get the latest version (or on older versions of ProTop) or download at

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  • ProTop 319

    Hey everyone,

    ProTop 319 is ready to go! You can find all the details in the release notes.

    Of note:

    • ProTop RT now adjusts to smaller terminal sizes. The smaller Core UI includes some interesting features like the "Of Interest" panel.

    • The beginning of the end of the use of WMIC on Windows

    • Some really cool new colour options, especially for people with visual difficulties

    • More and more updates to the PASOE data collector.

    Try it out and please share your feedback!

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  • RE: Online backups and buffer hit rate

    As Paul says every block with data in it must be read - even for an incremental backup. Which is why an incremental backup takes about as long to run as a full backup.

    -Bp 10 helps to prevent the entire -B buffer pool getting flushed as a result of a backup running and the follow-on impact that that will have to the hit ratio. During the backup itself though you will still almost certainly see a poor hit ratio.

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  • RE: Online backups and buffer hit rate

    @nickw regardless of which blocks are actually backed up, the probkup utility must load them all into the buffer pool to check the backup counter.

    Quick correction for anyone else landing here: -Bp 10, not -bp 10. This is the private buffer pool count.

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  • RE: Telegraf on Windows

    @nickw Hi Nick. I do have it running successfully now on Windows 10. I added this troubleshooting tip to White Star's Telegraf KB entry.

    Common Issue 3: Windows server data not showing up in the portal

    1. Edit your telegraf.conf and uncomment all of the sections that include references to "win_" .  For Telegraf v1.22.0 these lines are found between line 6967 and 7113.  Do not uncomment all of them, some are comments and some are options so only remove the # at the start of the line.

    We have had success by uncommenting these lines:

    6968, 6988, 6996-7113

    1. Restart the service and your server data should start to appear on the portal.
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  • RE: User experience LH metric

    @nickw still getting the dbanalys msg too? Or just the "cannot find drive" msg?

    Can you email to me log\dbmonitor.log and tmp\dbmonitor.debug and err please?

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  • RE: User experience LH metric

    @nickw I have seen this "System cannot find the drive" message before. May be a bug - need to look in our ticketing system.

    There is a new protop 319 that was released this week. I suggest you try that first. Simply run %PROTOP%\bin\pt3upd from ProEnv.

    The DBAnalysis file has to be in %PROTOP\dbanalys and named nick.dba. But if you did it from ProTop RT then it should be fine. That msg may be from before you run DB Analysis.

    The "Creating new flag" is normal. All ProTop processes use a file named %PROTOP%\tmp<something>.flg to signal their existance. The easiest way to stop a ProTop process is to simply remove the associated flg file.

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  • ProTop Newsletter

    All of the latest ProTop news!

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