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  • RE: Dashboard information

    @peter-whybrow said in Dashboard information: can I tell who and where a user is logged on from a Remote connection?

    The "W" (upper case) command will bring up a list of users and show the server IP address.

    If you need a specific user use the "#" command, set the usr# and then use the "U" command to look at that user's details.

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  • RE: Dashboard information

    It all comes from the _connect VST.

    The value "connections" on the dashboard screen is calculated as:

    for each dictdb._Connect no-lock where _Connect-usr <> ?:
        tt_Dashboard.con_total  = tt_Dashboard.con_total  + 1.

    So you can think of it as "total active connections".

    Generally speaking you will find many cases where "adding up the numbers" will not equal 100% (or the equivalent) because many connection types will be double counted.

    For instance, a remote connection could be either a 4gl connection or a SQL connection.

    To explain apparent discrepancies in the numbers I would need to see all of them.

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  • RE: Web portal | General Info | Connections

    if ( not _Connect-device matches "*batch*" ) and _connect-batch <> "yes" then tt_Dashboard.con_self = tt_Dashboard.con_self + 1.

    So "self" is counted for non-batch self-service connections. It (mostly) equates to local interactive connections.

    Somehow I suspect that you are going to suggest that that might be sub-optimal 😉

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  • ProTop 3.141 is in the wild!

    It took longer than I expected (that pesky day job keeps getting in the way...) but ProTop 3.141 is now available to download!

    Pop on over to or your favorite dashboard and grab a fresh copy of the ProTop client.

    Highlights that I am willing to confess to include:

    • Updated db startup parameter discovery to accomodate the purging of _Startup and _Statbase with oe12.

    • Fixed a problem with etime exceeding the size of an integer in lib/zippy.p

    • Fixed a problem with non-default -basetable and -baseindex resulting in incorrect table and index stats in releases prior to oe11.7

    • Added logRd to logWr ratio to dashboard, reordered the left most column a bit.

    • Slightly reordered the right most dashboard column (connections).

    • Added a new data collector for Pro2. The "2" command will display data about Pro2 and adding "Pro2Activity" to pt3agent.cfg will send that data to the portal for trending purposes.

    • Added LOB activity (LOB data is not available prior to OE12)

    • Re-mapped some keys. Type ? to see the new assignments on the help screen.

    • Fixed user table and index activity issues when non-default base and range are in use on the "U" screen.

    • Added new fields for user locks, lock HWM, TRX activity, -Bp usage and more to "U" (user info). Also re-aligned screen.

    • Removed unnecessary internal temp-table indexes to improve performance.

    • Fixed an issue with "users of" tables or indexes inappropriately remembering the history of tables and indexes being examined.

    • Fixed an issue with non-existent "use an existing custId" program flow at install time.

    • Fixed some problems with OS Info due to off-brand shells spewing non-standard output for "ulimit -a".

    • Cleaned up some issues with user names and "flags" on the uio screen

    • Fixed a problem with settings via the "%" command needing two iterations before they would "stick".

    • Fixed a Windows localization issue with options to WMIC when getting "df" data.

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  • RE: Dashboard change?

    The "unknown" data comes from the osInfo data collector. You might need to add that to etc/pt3agent.cfg

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  • RE: Dashboard change?

    AI, BI and APWs are combined now into a single "async writers" section.

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  • RE: SQL Servers are double-counted in 3.141x

    Looks like it dates back to pt3.3n.

    It is fixed now.

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  • RE: SQL Servers are double-counted in 3.141x

    That's kind of dumb. Who the heck coded that?

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  • RE: Alert re lkHWM near lkTableSize

    That is an interesting idea. A more complex rules engine for the alert processing is something that I have been thinking about for a while. On the other hand there is a lot to be said for keeping it simple.

    Regarding the specific alert: there is a lkTblPct field which I use for a similar purpose. Rather than the HWM it reflects the locks in use at that moment. In some ways that is better -- the HWM sticks around until you restart and if something went bump in the night is going to keep alerting once you hit the threshold. Whereas lkTblPct will only alert if something is actively causing a problem.

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  • RE: Web portal Alerts Feed

    Nope. You're right -- that's a bit more difficult to calculate and it seems much less likely.

    But I'll add it to the "think about it" list 🎣

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