Release 3.141 is drawing nigh!

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    We are getting very close to releasing ProTop 3.141 ChUI and pt3agent. (Portal v4 is also coming along nicely but that is a different release track.)

    The pre-release is available as pt3.141x. If you have not downloaded it feel free to give it a try. From a command prompt or proenv: pt3.141x

    Release notes can be found in etc/NOTES_3.141 (previous releases are also in similarly named files).

    Before I wrap it up and tie a nice pretty bow around it I need to know if there are any specific bugs or feature requests that I have overlooked?

    Please let me know if you know of something important that does not appear to have been addressed.

    You can also let me know about "nice to haves" but if they take more than a few minutes to implement they probably won't make it into this release

  • Possible bug: "%" must be invoked twice to have effect

    I start pt3.141x against a DB, and Sample Type is "Rate/Interval" (as expected). When I hit "%" and select "Raw/Summary" and F1, the stats don't change. It says "RAW Summary" at top left but the stats are still interval rates. Hitting spacebar to refresh doesn't help. When I hit "%" and select "Raw/Summary" and F1 a second time, the raw stats appear as expected.

    It appears this is the case for any changes in Sample Type. Changing back from "Raw/Summary" to "Rate/Interval" has the same issue, as does changing to "Cumulative/Summary".

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    That didn't take long!

    Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it 👀


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