User "batch" displayed as "local"

  • From lib/vstlib.p:
    if u_name = "batch" then u_name = "local".


    I ask because we have applications where there are batch clients with user names like batch, batch2, batch3. PT displays them as local, batch2, batch3. It seems an arbitrary change and there is no code comment about it.

    Was this added to deal with a past Progress behaviour? Or some vendor application?

  • administrators

    As I recall it started off because _connect-device is "batch" is the device name for shared memory batch connections, which gets pulled into the u_name, but "batch" could also be a remote batch process and I didn't want to have a confusing default name.

    But... now that you ask about it. I'm not sure it serves much of a useful purpose and it probably wouldn't be very hard to convince me to do something different.

    (pt3.141 should be available real soon.)

  • Ok...

    Do something different. (Please.)


  • administrators

    I'll get right on it.

  • administrators

    Should be fixed in pt3.141x. I decided to simply use the first part of the device name unless the device name is "batch" and only if the name is otherwise blank. If that fails then use the usr#.


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