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  • I'm looking at alerts in the Alerts Feed and their accompanying tooltips or pop-ups or whatever those boxes are called that you see when you hover over an alert.

    One alert was like "tblRd Table reads/sec x > y". The pop-up has some header info, followed by a table of users by logical reads and tables of table and index CRUD. Some of the table CRUD line items end with "***", to the right of the "Churn" column.

    In my browser (Firefox), these pop-up boxes are very finicky. It is sometimes difficult to make them appear by hovering over the alert, and when they do they sometimes disappear after some period that I can't discern.


    • What is the meaning of the three asterisks beside a table record?
    • Are there any ProTop UI configuration settings that govern the behaviour of these pop-up boxes?

  • administrators

    The flakiness is being addressed in portal v4.

    The "***" is indicating that there is an unusual relationship between table reads and the indexes for that table.

    Speaking very broadly, usually you expect to see a single index that has more or less the same amount of activity as the table. If we see index reads at more than 1.5x table reads that is strange enough that we put a "***" there to draw your attention to it.

  • Cool, thanks.

    Do you similarly flag tables where table reads are very high compared with the reads of their indexes? The calculations would be more involved but it might be useful.

  • administrators

    Nope. You're right -- that's a bit more difficult to calculate and it seems much less likely.

    But I'll add it to the "think about it" list 🎣


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