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    ... and is available for download.

    Release notes are in etc/NOTES_3.3t but highlights include:

    Fixed an undocumented feature whereby the dashboard summarization of
    resource and latch waits was improperly initialized on every sample.

    Added "as of" to the ProTop version so that multiple builds with the
    same version id can be distinguished (this is for development builds).

    Modified the "*" screen to no longer "toggle" Client Statement Cache but rather explicitly
    turn it ON, OFF or not change it (?). Also made the warning text RED (see

    Fixed a couple of "quirks" in the profiling code (the "y" command) and
    made the warning text RED.

    Fiddled with bin/syncio.sh. Improved the formatting of the timing
    and suppressed messages if being run from cron so that it can be run
    automatically and log the results more usefully.

    Added syncIO to the dashboard - this is NOT updated continuously like
    ioResponse. But it will reflect the most recent value that has been
    logged in log/syncio.log so if you run bin/syncio.sh nightly (or more)
    the most recent value will be shown.

    Added index overlap report to the ^D/^R dictionary report. This report
    looks for indexes with common components in order to indentify redundant
    indexes that could potentially be eliminated. Two output files are created
    in the report directory:

    friendlyName.idxoverlap.rpt # analysis showing overlapping components
    friendlyName.redundant.rpt # completely redundant indexes

    (This actually predates the "Communities" thread -- really!)

    Fixed a bug where the new automatic .pf file detection in dbmonitor.p
    was being a bit over-exhuberent and adding extra pf file references for
    each additional resource being started. This doesn't hurt anything but
    it does look funny.

    Modified various fields on the "config" screen to reflect online
    parameter changes. There is more work to be done here but a lot of
    the big ones (-spin, -B...) are covered now.

    Added the "C" command to clear Client Statement Cache settings that
    this ProTop session has made. Users will be reminded on exit if uncleared
    sessions remain.

    Enriched the "dirty schema" alert to list the first 10 offending

    Added a warning at startup if no dbanalys can be found. Included
    instructions for remedying the problem.

    Added hashPct metric to track the value of -hash as a percentage
    of the sum of -B and -B2. Added an alert if that percentage is less
    than 25%. (OEM has some bad UI behaviors.)

    Adjusted -pica to reflect the command line value. PROMON and the
    .lg file report MB, _dbParams reports bytes. The startup parameter is
    specified in KB.

    Added "L": Login Broker Config. This reports on 4gl and SQL broker
    configuration and helps you to ensure that you have properly set -Mn, -Mpb,
    -Ma, -SQL* etc. (requires VSTs for OE11.5+, so make sure you run "proutil
    dbName -C updatevsts"!)

    Added the many various operating system environment variables that
    control behaviors to bin/localenv.x and documented their usage. To use
    or modify these features copy the appropriate variable into bin/localenv
    (no ".x") and set accordingly. bin/localenv.x may be updated with new
    releases so do not use it directly - that's why it has a ".x". The
    proper script for localizations is /bin/localenv - the installer will
    not overwrite that.

    Added "&", "ProTop Properties" screen to show the current values of
    many of the variables described above. However, not all of those variables
    are used by protop.p or pt3agent.p and some are not globally available.
    Some of the variables can even be safely changed "on the fly" if you'd
    like to experiment.

    Updated the help screen ("?"), reassigned some of the more obscure
    command keys and added some previously "lightly documented" commands.

    Added an "ai info" screen for a detailed look at ai extent status.
    Use the control-a key to bring up this screen.

    Changed the default for PCTLASTX from yes to no. Basically nobody
    actually monitors full extents by default. If you really want to do
    that then just set it to "yes" in bin/localenv.

    Added some interesting columns to the app server data (first configure
    etc/appsrv.cfg and then use the the "@" command). MaxSrv is the maximum
    number of servers configured in ubroker.properties, Srvr% is the percentage
    of that maximum that you are using. Likewise MaxCli is the maximum number
    of client connections and Cli% the percentage of that maximum that you are
    at. An ActCli column has also been added to show the number of active

    Shuffled around the functions of ^d and ^r -- ^d now generates dump
    & load scripts. ^r generates reports.


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