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  • Would it be possible/feasible/beneficial/etc to suppress alerts on the portal for features that are not actually available because of the RDBMS license installed? So for a site that has a workgroup license (boo, hiss, etc), I know I should plan to move to enterprise really, but in the meantime I don't want to be reminded all the time about the fact that large files isn't enabled, or the BIW isn't running, or -spin is set small (and other ones that escape me for now). They just clog up the Alerts feed meaning it's harder to spot the real alerts.
    I suppose I could probably edit the config to suppress them, but then when I do go to Enterprise, I'd have to remember to re-edit the config to include them again.

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    It's just software - anything is "possible"...

    But to answer your question: no.

    The portal is the wrong place to be doing what you ask. Rather than suppress irrelevant alerts from being displayed on the portal, the right thing to do is to prevent them from firing in the first place. We already do this for quite a few things (for instance AIW alerts don't fire if after imaging isn't enabled etc and "extent full" alerts don't fire if you are doing an "all variable" storage area design etc) and the list is always growing. In fact there are a bunch of those types of features in the current experimental release that should go live very soon.

    Having said that I've got to admit that workgroup databases are not a very high priority. It is even possible that someone on the development team thinks that it is a good idea to incessantly remind people that they should upgrade from WG to Enterprise 😉 But maybe if I have a little spare time I'll see about working in some logic specifically for limiting the noise related to WG.

  • Thanks Tom. 🙂
    The reality of life is that, certainly in Europe, a LOT of end users have a Workgroup license because the cost is significantly less, financially at least. The added cost of poor performance is less likely to be taken into account!
    I'm all for incessantly reminding people that Workgroup is bad. But maybe add a catch-all alert of "This is a workgroup database, what were you thinking?", and suppress the extra noise. At least that way you have the chance of seeing the real alerts among the noise. 🙂

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    I'm circling back around to this today and as I poke around in the code I find that I actually started on this and had many of your examples covered back on June 7th -- three weeks before you asked 🙂

  • Your efficiency never ceases to amaze me! 🙂

  • By the way, this is a list of (probably) some of the differences between Workgroup and Enterprise: https://knowledgebase.progress.com/articles/Article/P122980
    lruskips is one I often forget.

  • @jdpjamesp
    (Somewhat off-topic): That KB list is pretty close to a list of my own that I've been updating off and on over the years. I stopped updating mine when, thankfully, I got rid of my last WG license.

    However to me this looks questionable, re licensing requirements for TDE:

    OpenEdge Enterprise RDBMS and OpenEdge TDE or alternatively Advanced Enterprise Edition RDBMS available since OpenEdge 11.5 (for Production)
    OpenEdge Development Server (for Application deployment)

    I don't see what OE Dev Server has to do with TDE. It is the development version of App Server, is it not? Same goes for the footnotes for MT and TP.

    Also, aren't -napinc and -napstep decommissioned?


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