Add extra info to Web Portal

  • Would it be possible to add certain headline information from the 'c' screen to the web portal so you can see things such as -B, DB/BI/AI Block Size, BI Cluster Size, etc, etc without having to log onto a server to look? Happy for this to be a premium feature - you've got to make money, but it's something I often think would be useful.
    You're going to tell me it'e already there. I can sense it!!

  • administrators

    Oddly enough... yes, we do already have that capability 😉

    It has not, however, been exposed to a wide audience. It is currently experimental and will indeed probably be a premium feature.

    (Specifically we have the entire "c" screen rendered. It's not "pretty" but it is functional.)

  • Good news Tom. If you need any help testing then let me know.


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