Add AppServers to ProTop

  • Is it possible (I believe it is, but could be mistaken) to add AppServers to the monitored resources in ProTop? Is there a guide for setting this up?

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    etc/appsrv.cfg is your friend

    The extensive and highly detailed documentation in the header servers as your "user guide":

    # appsrv.cfg
    # type name "query command"
    #   - names (column 2) are case sensitive!
    #   - the "name" field will be substituted for "&1" when the command is run
    # i.e.
    #   ws ws1 "wtbman -i &1 -query 2>&&1"
    # admin proadsv    "proadsv      -q 2>&&1"      # admin server does not actually use the name field -- but we need a name entry
    # ns    NS1        "nsman  -i &1 -q 2>&&1"
    # apsv  asbroker1  "asbman -i &1 -q 2>&&1"
    # ws    wsbroker1  "wtbman -i &1 -q 2>&&1"

    You can then add a resource in the usual manner. Just use -1 for the dbname 😉

    Unless you only have one db or you have one that it makes sense to tie the app servers to, you will probably want an etc/pt3agent.resource.cfg file dedicated to your app servers.

    Regardless the ptInitDC needs to have AppSrvStatus added to it. If it is a stand-alone app server agent (no db) then you will probably not want any other data collectors running. Something like this (etc/pt3agent.appsrv.cfg):

    # pt3agent.cfg
    # you must restart after changes -- this cfg file is not monitored
    # pt3agent.friendlyName.cfg will override this config for a friendlyName instance of pt3agent
    ptInitDC "AppSrvStatus"

    As always, you can (and should) test your configuration with the ChUI ProTop before getting too crazy. If you called your resource "appsrv":

    protop appsrv

    Will fire up the ChUI client. The dashboard and other db centric screens will be null but you can dismiss them if you'd like. The "@" command brings up app server data.


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