ProTop 3.3s has arrived!

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    After a long gestation ProTop 3.3s has arrived!

    Highlights include (but are by no means limited to):

    • Tips and Tricks on the splash screen
    • A startup warning if you do not have -tablerangesize and -indexrangesize set adequately
    • A new screen to show the *rangesize calculations (press "1")
    • Alternate Buffer Pool indicator columns on table and index activity
    • A new "2" data collector to show buffer statistics (some of which are only available in OE 11.7+)
    • New "user experience" metrics - this metric reads a fixed number of records and times it
    • Modified the startup handling of .pf files to increase flexibility
    • Modified UIO to show the current number of locks held per session rather than lock requests/sec (11.7+)
    • Generally took advantage of OE 11.7 improvements where available
    • Added the option to toggle the client statement cache on/off for a session when selecting a session via # or P
    • Added an experimental "task scheduler"

    ... and lots of other stuff!

  • Great news Tom. Thanks for the heads up. Does it include the fix for the Windows Bug I keep encountering? If so, I'll make sure to upgrade those installs.

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    The CreateProcessA fiasco? That is fixed.

    1. Jumped through hoops to support 32 bit _progres executables if you
      happen to be running 32 bit db servers on Windows post 11.3. Which is
      a ridiculous thing to be doing if anyone wants my opinion...

    Which is related to:

    (Just in case anyone is wondering why I might not like supporting Windows.)

  • @tom Yes that's the one. Thanks Tom. Will do the upgrade.


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