New releases/prereleases

  • Thanks @jdpjamesp for the heads-up about 3.3sx.

    Would it be possible to have an announcement here when new versions show up on the download server?

    BTW, lots of great new stuff in 3.3sx, judging from the release notes. 👍 Looking forward to using it.

  • Some announcements would be great. I only know about 3.3sx (the x means experimental apparently) because Tom asked me to try to solve a Windows bug.

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    The "x" versions are pre-release stuff. It can, and does, change rapidly. Sometimes it contains nasty bugs. The "x" releases are deliberately not made visible on the download dropdown - you have to know to fetch it with curl or and hope that I didn't just build something with a bug in it.

    I make no attempt to version the "x" stuff -- there have been hundreds of pt3.3sx builds -- if you have one it is probably not the same as anyone else's 😉

    Certain people have been urging me to get better about the versioning process.

    On the bright side there are release notes 🙂


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