On demand sampling - inconsistent results

  • Not sure if this is a bug or not. Version 3.3sx on Windows. OE 11.6 32 bit.
    Use S to switch to on demand sampling. Run a query and then hit space to refresh the sample. The table and index stats update, but running the same query repeatedly on the same database doesn't always yield the same results. This is functionality I tend to use to test a specific query in a development environment so it would be helpful for it to work. Alternatively if there's another way of doing it? I can't rely on the auto update as the query execution could take longer than the refresh rate.

  • administrators

    When you just change from automatic sampling to "sample on demand" the activity metrics are still reported as "per second".

    What you are probably looking for is "programmer mode". This switches on on-demand sampling and turns off the "per second" calculation.


  • Yes indeed that's what I'm looking for! I'll have a look and see. Thanks Tom.


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