dblist.cfg synchronization

  • I have a question about the synchronization of dblist.cfg across systems. It seems to me this is a relatively new feature and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it. My question is: when using dbmaint from a given system, should I be able to remove any line item from the file, or just the line items associated with the system I am using?

    The issue is that I am editing the dblist on Windows, using dbmaint.bat, and I am trying to delete one of the line items, which happens to be for a db on a Linux box. The delete appears to work. Then I hit "x" to save and exit. Before the session closes I see a flurry of API messages in the status area, including one that says "...oper=add...". Inspecting the flat file shows the deleted database has indeed has indeed been added back to my local copy. Then I rerun dbmaint and the deleted database is in the list.

    I tried adding -clientlog to dbmaint but it didn't show anything useful. But I have a .pcap file if that would be helpful to see what's going on.

  • Actually, now that I look at the trace, the command for the sports database I deleted was "oper=modify". The "add" was for another database.

  • administrators

    "Delete" doesn't really delete. It just marks the resource as being unused. It was easy for just one server but it got kind of complicated trying to propagate deletes across multiple machines. So in the interest of rolling it out we decided to "cheat".

    Ultimately we are planning to phase out or at least deprecate the bin/dbmaint tools. The consensus seems to be that they are too clunky for most people and that using the web GUI on the portal is much friendler. People who find the bin/dbmaint stuff usable are also probably not terribly afraid to pop open etc/dblist.cfg with their favorite text editor and whack away at it.

  • Ok, good to know what to expect. Thanks!


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