• I'm trying tttest.p but I can't get it to not give me the message 'temp-table info requires OpenEdge 11 or higher and you must set "DEBUGTT true" in lib/protop.i.'.

    I do have this line in lib/protop.i:
    &global-define DEBUGTT true

    I start my session:
    pro -ttbaseindex 1 -ttindexrangesize 100 -ttbasetable 1 -tttablerangesize 100

    And then I run this:
    propath = '.,propath'.
    run lib/tttest.p.

    In tttest.p, it acts as if DEBUGTT is defined. However, when showTT in ttinfo.p runs getTTTblList, it skips right to the RETURN statement. In other words, it skips over the whole &IF DEFINED( DEBUGTT ) &THEN...&ENDIF block.


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    lib/protop.i isn't referenced in lib/ttinfo.p -- you have to edit lib/ttinfo.p also and remove the "x" from:

    &global-define xDEBUGTT

    There are also some bits at the top of protop.p that might be relevant depending on what you're doing.

    I was primarily interested in getting together an example of pulling the TT info and that I occasionally enable that stuff within ProTop when I'm looking for internal TT bugs. I think I probably just hacked together some pre-processor junk so that I could "have my cake and eat it too" without really working through how an outsider might try to use it.

  • OK, thanks. It's worth noting that I came back to this code after reading Dan's EMEA PUG presentation from last year where he said people should check out tttest.p/ttinfo.p. So I assumed that it was something an "outsider" should be able to do. 😉

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    You're not wrong. I too have pointed to that code from PUG presentations. But what seems obvious and easy to me with regards to turning things on and off doesn't always translate to others. (And other people's obvious and easy doesn't always work for me either.)

  • Thanks Tom. After updating ttinfo.p, I got it to work.


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