11.7 VST stats bug fix

  • Rich's presentation on what's new in 11.7 contained this tidbit, with reference to _*stat:
    "OE 11.7.0 fixed VSI for base != 1"

    Rereading that presentation recently, I'm wondering how much of my VST code is now broken. I didn't know until 2017 that that behaviour was a bug. Just wondering aloud; I'm not expecting anyone else to answer that. 😉

    For example:
    proserve sports -basetable -1 -tablerangesize 4
    find _tablestat where _tablestat-id = -1.
    display _tablestat-id.

    11.6 (and below) result:
    ** _TableStat record not on file. (138)

    11.7 result:

    Just curious whether PT will need to change to deal with that in 11.7+.

  • In a similar vein (though this is a new feature, not a bug fix), we have new stats params:


    I haven't played with these yet, or even thought about them too much. Just curious if anyone else has.

  • administrators

    I'm not a big fan of limiting the _user*stats. I sort of understand why they did it but I'm not terribly anxious to see anyone use it.

  • administrators

    Except for a few weirdos base = 1 is kind of the norm 😉

    (I do understand your use case -- I do that too although probably less often than you seem to. But it is helpful to verify that ProTop is behaving as expected.)


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