No RM Chain/Record count data

  • I'm invoking PT with a friendly name, e.g. protop pmprod, where exists in etc. I also have the appropriate files in dbanalys (pmprod.dba/pmprod.dbx/pmprod.idx ) and the data in them looks reasonable.

    But I don't have RM Chain or #Records data in Table Activity.

    And yet when I run PT with sports, I do get data in those columns. Odd.

  • administrators

    As it stands when the bin/protop script takes the "I have a .pf file" route there is no -param being passed. That -param indicates the friendly name to protop.p which is then used to find the appropriate dbanalys files. If no -param is provided protop should default to using the ldbname(1).

    Adding "-param pmprod" to your .pf file might help

  • That did the trick, thanks!


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