Alert feed within Resource dashboard

  • Can another dropdown option be added on the resource dashboard to open another page that contains the resource specific alert feeds, the same as if the resource was selected on the home page and the alert feed filtered.

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    Can you give me some more info on this Pieter? You want to open a new page that only contains the alert feed for that ressource and nothing else?

    I'm always curious how others are using ProTop. What's the use-case here? Why is this preferable to filtering by clicking on the main alert dashboard (you call it resrc dashboard, I call it alert dashboard).

  • Firstly when selecting a resource from the home dashboard, and whilst viewing all the resource values in the 'main dashboard' and 'table and index statistics' I also want to be able to easily scroll through the resource recent 'alerts feed'.

    another example..
    ie. "I recalled 3 hours ago there was a page or info alert that I wanted to double check with a developer."
    but on the home dashboard, you need to first filter on the resource and scroll through the alert feed. The alert feed window is a bit too small and cannot be resized, but only expanded to full screen, which has some issues with the collapse functionality.
    And then you also want to check some table and index statistics on the resource for the period around the alert as well, so additional navigation is required.

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    Understood. Enhancement added to our TODO list.


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